Music transcends boundaries to unite people from many different cultures and backgrounds. The more our workforce reflects the diverse crowds of fans that come out to our shows, the better we will be able to understand their needs and improve our customer experiences. We intentionally cultivate, create and celebrate a workplace where you can feel safe bringing your whole self to work. We are a diverse, passion-driven business, and being able to share our passions at work is what makes Live Nation feel like a family. Below is just a snapshot of what we’re doing to realize our CEO’s vision of building a workforce that reflects the customers we serve. And we’re just getting started, as we continue to enter emerging markets and gain employees in new regions, we know it it's vital to listen to fresh perspectives and trade best practices to continue to build the best global live entertainment platform. We hope you’ll join us and bring all of your talents that make you, you!


Our Leader

I would like to build a workforce that represents and reflects the customers we serve. To strengthen the emphasis on outreach, recruitment, leadership development and retention of a high performing diverse workforce. 

We’ll work to inspire and encourage senior management to focus and capitalize on the value of diversity with the goal of creating an educated, empowered and forward thinking workforce that sets the standard of diversity and inclusion within our industry. 

Michael Rapino
Chief Executive Officer
Live Nation Entertainment 


At Live Nation Entertainment all people are welcomed and treated with respect. We want every single team member to feel included and believe everyone should have equal access to new opportunities and be free to be themselves at work every day.

Our Communities


We have a network of 20+ global chapters of Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) set up to embrace diversity and promote a stronger sense of community while also providing personal and professional development for our Asian, Black, Latino, LGBTQ, and Women employees. Through these groups we're all able to lead, connect with one another, learn more about each other, learn more about other cultures, grow professionally through custom workshops and recruiting events, and have fun.

D&I Training + Workshops

Whether it's a Diversity training on Unconscious Bias, D&I content included in Leadership and professional development workshops, virtual workshops on timely topics, or learning experiences created specifically for our ERGs, we work vigilantly to create unique, thought-provoking learning opportunities that not only create awareness, but also provide tools to support and sustain our inclusive culture.

Recruitment & Retention

Through data-driven, targeted programs, we seek to hire and retain the best and the brightest diverse talent in every division, at every level. Ticketmaster is working towards a collective goal to become a choice destination for Women in Tech (WiT). To achieve this, the WiT Program focuses on two key initiatives: attraction and retention.  The program launched in the fall of 2016 with a small group of WiT INbassadors across four locations in North America. The objective is to strengthen our employer brand and build relationships in the WiT community. Live Nation Urban (LNU), is also focused on introducing the business of live entertainment to minority students to help cultivate future executives. The LNU Intern Program will help further diversity initiatives and expose students to core functional areas within entertainment.

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