October 19, 2017


This month Ticketmaster released 'Action' on the Google Assistant platform in the US. This integration opens up even more opportunities for fans to discover events and purchase tickets. By using Ticketmaster on Google Assistant, fans can voice search for events using event dates, location, genres or specific artists. This new functionality will bring the Ticketmaster buying experience to a whole new platform on mobile devices and will expand to other devices powered by Google Assistant in the coming months. Get the inside scoop on the technology below:

Why is Ticketmaster partnering with Google?

Ticketmaster is committed to getting tickets in the hands of fans and while growing ticket sales on our sites, TM has also been deploying APIs to extend our distribution. These integrations help our clients, sports teams and artists sell incremental tickets.

Google has some of the most popular platforms in the world and is consistently innovating to improve its user's experience. A large part of that innovation is with Google Assistant, which is shaping up to be an integral part of the Google consumer experience. All new Android phones and 3 -Party hardware (Cars, Fridges, Smart TVs etc) will begin to have Google Assistant built into these devices.

What's the user experience like?

Using Ticketmaster on Google Assistant is incredibly simple. You can speak or type to find tickets:

  1. Using Assistant, fans can type or say, "Okay Google, talk to Ticketmaster"

  2. Type or say what you are looking for. For example, "Jazz in New York City".

    1. Fans can also specify a venue, specific date or artist.

  3. Event details will be provided to the fan, who can then select "get tickets", how many tickets they want, or where their seats are located.

  4. After viewing order summary, fans can say or select "place order" using their credit card on file with Google or they can enter new credit card information. Ticketmaster delivers ticket confirmation and


Watch the video here of the experience here (Dropbox Link).

How does Ticketmaster choose which events are available for purchase with Google Assistant?

The Ticketmaster action shows events where Ticketmaster is the primary ticketer of those events.

Will Ticketmaster look to partner with other digital assistants?

Ticketmaster launched a Facebook Messenger bot in June, 2017 and integrates with key partners that make the buying experience simpler for our fans, artists and venue clients. TM is constantly exploring partners that make it easier for fans to buy tickets to live events that spans music, sports, theater, comedy, and more. Stay tuned for more of Ticketmaster's latest innovations and partnerships.

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