September 19, 2017

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This week our company put on Kid Nation, Live Nation's version of Take Our Daughters And Sons To Work® Day,  to give employees'​ kids a peek inside LNE offices and provide some fun-filled family bonding time at work to celebrate diversity.  The theme for this coast to coast celebration was Dream Big — teams designed programming to inspire kids to pursue their aspirations and never stop striving towards . In the spirit of festival season, attendees scored ​LNE swag and participated in activities like face painting, games, and career-focused workshops   -  all with good eats and live performances, thanks to the talented musicians at the House of Blues Music Forward Foundation. We're highlighting what made each Kid Nation event unique in 5 cities across the US and our favorite shots from the day. ​Take a look below: 

Beverly Hills 

  • Festival themed scavenger hunt — kids completeted challenges like taking a selfie with an LN logo and singing their favorite song. They also stopped by our leaders' offices to get career advice, including David Zedeck (President, Global Touring),  Omar Al-Joulani (SVP, US Concerts), Lisa Licht (CMO, US Concerts), and Meagan DesChenes​ (Project Manager, HARD Events). 

  • Smoothie bar — kids enjoyed the quintessential LA treat to fuel up throughout the day. 

  • Rockstar photobooth — the coolest way to capture the little attendees' all-star costumes.  

  • "Follow Your Dreams B​oard" — kids took a shot at describing what they want to be when they grow up, among them:  

    • "I hope to become a veterinarian or work for Live Nation"  — Isabela 

    • "I want to work for Live Nation or become a professional tennis player" — Sarah

    • "My dream is to become a musician" - Amaya

    • "My biggest dream is coming to my dad's work and loving my family" — Ethan 

Greenwood Village

  • Pancake breakfast — our Colorado office started the celebration the best way possible,  pancakes.  

  • Financial planning sessions — kid friendly programming with flip chart exercises on how to be responsible with hard-earned money. ​

  • Lanyard design fest —  kids decorated their own LNE badges and lanyards.


  • Memory journals — children received their own booklet for activities,  incuding a  postcard ​writing session to  artists and athletes. 

  • Vision board session —​ attendees created a visual path of their future goals for college, career, home and hobbies.

  • Career tips speaker session — Kevin Frank (Human Resources VP,  Ticketmaster North America) gave top career tips and how to thrive in the workplace. 


  • Live Nation IDs — employees' kids joined the the LNE family and scored their very own IDs. 

  • Make-your-own concert posters — Kids put their passion for music and creativity to this test to  create an original concert poster for their faovorite artists.​

  •  At the closing of Kid Nation, children received an LN Kid Nation attendance certificate. 

New York

  • Name that tune bingo game —​ attendees put their music knowledge to the test in this interactive, music-themed game.

  • Guest speaker sessions —​ employees from across the company gave kid friendly presentations on corporate strategy, account management, VR efforts, YouTube music content, marketing solutions, and sponsorship.

  • Meet and greet with a legend — kids met music veteran Ron Delsener (Regional Chairman of US Concerts, NY/ East).​

  • Plan your own concert activity — participants used their imagination to create a concert or festival for their favorite artists, from promotions to design. ​

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